The Dancing Sculpture

“Look at you, dance as if no one is watching.” Samuel muttered, admiring the dancing sculpture.

He didn’t know what he was searching for in this dark house other than what Dominic told him. They were searching for some signs of the Dark Guardians, a group the Guardians had been fighting since the beginning of time.

It’s been a month since he had chosen his destiny, the light or the darkness. Samuel thought everything would be different but other than the occasional feeling of something nudging at the back of his mind, he felt exactly the same.

Soft footsteps brought him out of his thoughts. He darted behind the couch just as the footsteps paused at the landing. He sneaked a peek. The person was completely clad in black, from head to toe. Black smoke was emitting from every part of him. He glanced around and grinned. “Samuel, I know you’re here.”

Samuel froze, “Nora.”

This story was originally posted on November 25, 2014.

Written for Monday Finish the Story, a writing challenge hosted by Barbara Beacham, who has sadly passed away. The challenge was fun while it lasted. The basic premise of the challenge was a photo and the first sentence of the story is provided and we are to finish the story.



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