Together ‘Til the End

“Do you even have a way to get into the Lair?” Abigail asked.

Her sister, Anna, laughed. “Of course, I do, silly goose.” From under the table, she pulled a map from under the table and laid it before me and pointed to a dot in the middle. “This is the entrance.”

“You mean where the dragon is resting?”

“Don’t be fooled by the tiny thing. It’s been shrunk down for a reason. It can sense intruders. It might be stone but it’s real.” Abigail swallowed. “The access to the entrance is beneath the dragon’s paw. Do be careful.”

Before Abigail set out to rescue her sister, Adalyn, Anna cast a shielding spell on Abigail to ensure her safe return. Unfortunately, it wore off once Abigail entered the Lair and there was no magic.

Anna paced back and forth for days before decided to set out on the rescue mission herself. She carried with her the most powerful wand she’d owned but seconds after entering the Lair, it’d proved useless for she fell into the same cage as her sister.

“Why did you come?” Adalyn whined, her face covered in dirt. “You should’ve stayed at home.”

Anna glared at her, “We don’t give up. If we die here, at least we’ll together. I won’t leave my sisters behind. We’ll face the enemy together.”

This story was originally published on September 28, 2014.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction, a flash fiction challenge hosted by the blog A Mixed Bag where we are given a photo prompt and must write a piece of 200 words or less. Each prompt is provided on Sunday.



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